Overprinting Gocco screens on fabric

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This week I’ve been thinking about a series I am planning (and indeed started) around my local tidal river and its muddy banks.  A lot of the fabric which I screenprinted in January was designed around this theme and I decided that I wanted to overprint some of it with horizontal lines of the gocco screens I had made.  These are the results.

Here is some of the fabric hanging on the line drying – I love seeing lines of dyed and printed fabric on the washing line.  Much better than clothes… The backgrounds are what I printed in January.

printed fabric drying 

I printed this green fabric with a gocco screen made from a photo of the cracks in the mud.  The background is also based on the same photo but printed with a different method.  I’m planning on cutting most of these fabrics and fusing them in horizontal strips to represent the various parts of the river.

gocco printed fabric

Here is a detail. 

overprinting with gocco screen on fabric

The next piece was the ‘footprints’ fabric with a screen made from a photo of reeds overprinted on it.

more goccoed fabric 

And a detail:

blue fabric

 rust dyed silk overprinted

This is some rust-dyed silk overprinted with the mud formations gocco print.

detail of gocco printed rust dyed fabric

And some red-green fabric:

red/green fabric

This has the same screen patterns as the green fabric above, but it is cotton organza or something similar and is slightly transparent.

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  1. How fun and very beautiful!!! Very nicely done, Liz!! I love them all! I can’t wait to see what you make with them!

  2. Wow.. love those fabric and I agree that nothing looks so cool as newly dyed things hanging on the line 🙂

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