Painted papers course

First of all, let me show you a photo of the reeds in February, just so you know I’m keeping up with my resolve!  (Not that one lot of photos a month is exactly onerous but still…)

February reeds

I love the colours in that one.  It was a glorious, crisp, sunny winter’s day last week.

A few weeks ago I signed up to do an online course, hoping to get my creative mojo going again, and it definitely worked!  I did LK Ludwig’s Printed Patterned Painted journal making class – Karen Stiehl Osborn was doing it and mentioned it in her newsletter. 

Here are a few of the painted papers I’ve made:






Can you believe these were made with acrylic paint, a few old credit cards and some foam stamps or stencils?  My (mostly) home made stamps box is getting fuller:


I have actually made two journals out of them so far, but don’t seem to have any photos yet!  Here is one in process of construction.


Besides all this, I spent most of last week monoprinting over them with a gelatin plate – this time I used Rayna’s recipe and it is still going a week later!!! Last year it cracked up after a day or so, and Rayna’s recipe is definitely easier so I will be using that from now on…  I seem to have been so busy printing that I haven’t taken any photos yet so that’ll be the next post.    Last week it was half term and DH was away in India and I seemed to get a lot more done, for some reason!  I also finished the two large reeds hangings finally so pics of them will be forthcoming as well. 

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  1. Thanks, Brianna! They are actually for cutting up and making into journals .. the top one has already been used in one! (As backgrounds for journalling). They are painted on both sides. But I might find it difficult to bring myself to cut up the reeds one – that seemed to just flow…. They are more for inspiration than anything, I think. (They are A3 side, by the way).

  2. Looks great! I’m so glad you signed up for the course and enjoyed it. I am in the midst of binding mine into a journal using the same method that you are using, only I cut up an old leather belt for the straps. Fun, fun!

  3. Your papers are beautiful, Liz. I have promised myself not to print another thing till I use up what I have. Ha ha – does that mean NEVER??? Most likely, at the rate I am going. Have fun with the gelatin!

    1. Thanks, Rayna! I keep saying that too, but then I seem to finish off old stuff whenever I make new stuff, if you see what I mean. Trouble is, it does mean I am inundated with STUFF!!!

  4. Your papers look absolutely fantastic! I drop by from time to time and leave very inspired =)
    Thank you for the inspiration and good luck with your course.

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