Painting on tissue

Here is a collage of some of the tissue paper I have been painting.   (I did this in Picasa, not in cutting and pasting real paper!    Not yet, anyway.)

collage of painted tissue

This is a photo of some corrogated card which I painted.  It looks like a Picasa collage on its own!

painted corrugated card

And, a bit late, here is the best rusted piece from the baking tray which was up in the loft catching the drips.  It is ironic, really, because it is a practice piece on which I was trying to transfer a picture printed on Lasertran (not very successfully).. but I think it looks like one of those old medieval maps.  Pity I could never repeat it if I tried! 

rusted fabric which looks like a map

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  1. Hello there! I peek in but have been guilty of not leaving comments. All of these pieces are wonderful…I keep starting a pile of corrugated paper from coffee that I purchase from the neighborhood shop but then I get irritated at saving so much stuff and not working at the pace as my ideas are coming and I end up pitching them. How long did you leave the rusted fabric to rust?

    Also, I was on someone’s blog and they had a note in the sidebar that asked commentors to comeback to the comments section for replies to their comments or questions. I think I’m going to do that soon.


  2. What a inspirational piece of fabric that rust print is. I have been reading the journal of the icebreaker that has just sailed through the Northwest passage in Canada (on the BBC website) and this takes me straight to ideas of explorers and tundra and all things Arctic. Wonderful.

  3. I like your card Liz. Every tried spraying a pile of tissue with a mouth diffuser and brusho and letting it dry with the pices in contact with one another? You get things that look like aeriel(?) photos….or is that washing powder?

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