Painting with ochres and soy milk

A few months ago I bought some natural ochres from Clearwell Caves, some old coppermines in the Forest of Dean.  I also had some natural dye extracts, so I decided to do some painting with them, using soy milk as a binder.   I had fun and just played without thinking too much.  And here are the results.

ochre painted fabric in studio

Here they are drying in my workroom.  That old clothes horse I found while tidying the boxroom came in useful!  (So obviously tidying does have its benefits…

ochre painted fabric

This is the first I did.  It’s roughly based on one of my doodles.

tree ochre painted

Here’s a sort of stylized tree.

ochre painted rusted fabric 

I painted this to enhance some rust dyed fabric.

ochre painted fabric

A lot of what I was painted was for textures, to print on or to cut up and use for journals.   I thought of printing one of my Gocco house screens on top of this.

ochre painted fabric

This is a sort of brick texture.  I printed it using the tip of a sponge brush.

overpainted blue fabric with ochres

This was overpainted on to some blue fabric.

ochre painted textural fabric

And this was another ‘texture’ painting.  The fabric is quite shiny and it looks quite effective.

Now I have to leave them for a few months to batch, so the colours don’t just wash out.  So no guilt about not using them! 

11 Replies to “Painting with ochres and soy milk”

  1. What amazing colours, and vibrant designs, I’ve been thinking of using natural dyes for some time, just haven’t taken the plunge yet.
    You have a great blog.

  2. What talent I love your work. I also love the earthy tones —- I would love to have this in fabric and make a quilt of of it. Good Work!

  3. This is so cool! I never knew you could paint or do anything cool with soy milk besides drink it! I love that this is all natural. The one one blue fabric is beautiful. I love the colors. I can’t wait to try this!!

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