Papermaking – or playing with water?

I’ve just finished making handmade paper – the kitchen is still drying out. My last attempt to make paper was rather unsuccessful – I think I made the pulp mixture too thick. I got Maggie Grey’s book, Paper, Metal and Stitch (well, it’s by Jane Wild as well but Maggie does the paper bit), for Christmas and this encouraged me to have another go. So I’ve got several pages hanging on the line (attached to kitchen roll) and the floor of my sewing room is covered. I made some with bits of thread, beads and sequins in and those were the most successful, probably because I was getting better at it by then! I also dipped various meshes, wire and stuff like that into the pulp as she suggests and also tried stamping it with other things. All in all I had a nice sloshy time and have now collapsed exhausted in front of the computer to recover.

I’m keeping an eye on the paper on the line in case the birds are also eyeing them up for their nests… I’ll post some photos when they’re dry.

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