Preparing to make collage postcards

I may have been quiet this week but I have been working! Today I was painting a silk scarf as a birthday present for a friend who recently lost her husband – I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow after I’ve given it to her. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this, but I’d better not risk it!

I’ve also been doing lots of painting Bondaweb, ironing it to fabric and other stuff, in preparation for making a lot of colourful collaged postcards. I love doing this – such bright colours and sparkly angelina and melting stuff – a bit of pyromania always gets me going! (I’m really behind on the symbols course – lesson 6 was posted on Tuesday and I haven’t begun lesson 4 yet!).

There are several elements to this collaging postcards bit. I adapted these from an embroidery course I did a year ago. These are chiffon scarves with painted Bondaweb fused to them, angelina and another layer of chiffon scarf on top of that – the whole lot is then ironed underneath baking parchment to fuse it all together.

colourful, sparkly constructed fabric

colourful, sparkly fabric

colourful, sparkly fabric - more!

I will be cutting these up and adding them to other collage elements and fusing them all to a background fabric and then making postcards from them. Next element coming up tomorrow!

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  1. I’m sure it would! I used a mixture of Jacquard paints – dyn-a-flow,
    textile, opaque and lumiere, and some silk paints too I think. I haven’t
    tried Stuart Gill but I think they’re similar to Jacquard, aren’t they?

    The silk paints give the least coverage, which is good if you want the
    background to show through (which I did on some of the other stuff which
    I’ll post over the next day or two – Project Catwalk was about to come on
    and it was the final so I didn’t want to miss it!). I may have used some
    acrylics too – the thicker the paint, the more the coverage, which is good
    if you’re using chiffon as well because it gives it more body I suppose.

  2. These are fantastic Liz. I love the ‘bloom’ on them. i can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Rats! someone else has used yummy and luscious, which were just the descriptions which popped into my head as I scrolled through your post Liz! Never mind, I’ll just repeat….Yummy! Luscious!

  4. Hi Liz, I am in art 4 ap, which is a college level class at my highschool, and I really love your work and would love to learn how you do the bondaweb pieces.

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