Quiltart Exhibition, Gloucester

This is just a short post today as I’m feeling ropey with some bug or other that has got me.

I loved looking at the Quilt Art Exhibition yesterday. I can’t post any photos because photography wasn’t allowed but I’ll link to websites where possible. It was really quiet, right at the end of a corridor of the city museum, and it was lovely being able to look at my leisure with no one getting in the way, and to stand back and really have a good look at all the quilts. I had a chance to notice details I wouldn’t otherwise, to view them as a whole seeing things you don’t see in photos, as they are meant to be viewed, at a distance. Below are a few of the ones which particularly struck me.

One favourite was Low Meadow by Elizabeth Brimelow – first picture on the page. If you hover the mouse over the photo it shows a detail. There were hundreds of individual grass shapes appliqued on the silk background and the yellow flowers were printed on, I assume with paint.

I loved Linda Colsh’s quilt too – unfortunately I can’t find a photo on the web of the quilt in the exhibition and for some reason it isn’t in the exhibition catalogue!

Another one I enjoyed looking at was Bente Vold Klausen from Norway. I can’t find a picture of her quilt online but here is a link to some of her others. I had not come across Bente’s quilts before. The one in the exhibition is called Universe.

Susan Denton has a series called Making the World a Safer Place.

All in all, I enjoyed looking at the way these talented quiltmakers built up their designs using surface design, adding layers of colour with paint, dye, stitch…

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  1. The QuiltArt group is probably the most talented bunch on the planet.
    Gorgeous work – how lucky you are to have seen the exhibit!

  2. lucky you, it sounds like the time I went to one of their exhibits in Oxford I was the only person there I nearly missed my train back I became so engrossed,
    love Elizabeth Brimelow’s quilt it must have been wonderful to see it real,
    they all do wonderful work, Fenella was a member of Bath quilters when I was there in the nineties I remember her story of her interview to become a member of the group her work on the website has change a great deal in the nearly 10 years since I last saw it, much freer,

    signing off will be reading more of your blog in the morning but the serial has just started on radio 4, bfn,

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