Revamped Website!

I’ve just finished doing a revamp of my website to make it look more like my blog – not completely, but more than it did before. I haven’t added much extra content yet, although there is now a sitemap with a descriptive (and hopefully useful!) summary of every webpage. I haven’t quite finished loading the new format to ALL the pages as there are about 40 of them to do and I keep finding errors on each page! But the main ones are done and I am slowly putting into practice something of what I have learnt on the SEO course. And I hope to update it and add more pictures and details when I have time.

I have made the html and css much more streamlined and, hopefully, efficient. It astonishes me how little I knew when I wrote the original! And I have added a lot more of the code to the CSS sheet instead of the main pages so that I can easily change the colours or style in the future without having to alter every single page.

Please let me know if anything doesn’t work on your browser – I’ve tested it in quite a few but there are always glitches…

If you would like to swap links with me, drop me a line.

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One Response to Revamped Website!

  1. Pam Annesley February 17, 2007 at 11:13 am #

    Liz, a well done job. I’m still trying to revamp mine.
    I’d like to swap links as well.