Rust Dyeing

A lot of you have expressed interest in my rust dyeing.

For me, Kimberly Baxter Packwood is the real rust guru and she has just published some guidelines on rust dyeing on her blog, as well as pictures of her rust dyed silk carrier rods and the work she has been doing with them. Check it out!

Another blog I like reading on rust dyeing is Lois’s at Rust-Tex. Her work is awesome too!

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  1. I found both of those sites fascinating Liz. It’s something I intend to try soon. Good luck with the Facebook link.

  2. Can the rust dying be used on clothes to wear (I’ve mostly seen stuff about its use on fabric to be framed?)

    If so, what, if any, care is needed of this fabric? Anything I should be concerned about?


  3. Hi Jennifer

    Yes, it can. Obviously because it is rust, the fabric would eventually decompose (because it carries on rusting) but this would not happen for several years and the chances of the clothes being out of fashion or your getting fed up with them would probably happen sooner!

    It is a good idea to soak rusted fabric in a baking soda and water solution (or spritz it if it can’t be soaked) about once a year to stop it rusting further – this will slow down the deterioration.

    Make sure you wash the fabric well to get rid of any surface rust. I have washed mine in a normal 40 degrees machine wash.

    I checked with a couple of people about the possible health risks of wearing rust and they both wear their own rusted fabric with no health problems. If you are sensitive to metals, it would be a good idea to avoid wearing rusted fabrics and if you are worried, I would wear them over something else rather than next to the skin.

    Email me if you want to know more. I can tell you the blog addresses of the people I consulted but this comment is getting rather long already!

  4. Really helped me as I am doing various quilt art pieces and needed some small areas of rust dyed fabric. But haven’t managed to do any large pieces -will try that next . Cheers , Christine

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