Screen Printing Galore!

I have been busy this week doing lots of printing with my Gocco screens, both the unframed (for fabric) and the unframed ones (for paper, although plenty of fabric has found its way underneath those too).

I have been experimenting with various media – screenprinting gel for fabric mixed with Golden acrylics and Permaset screenprinting ink particularly.  I like the latter because it doesn’t change the hand of the fabric appreciably but I do love working with acrylics because I have a lot of different colours so it makes it more versatile.

Here are a few of them:

footprints gocco screen on orange fabric with green Permaset ink

This is the screen of footprints in the mud which I made earlier in the year, printed with Permaset ink.

reeds and trees on screenprinted fabric

These are repeated screens of the reed picture and the trees one over some of the fabric which I screenprinted in January.  I did these with acrylic paint and screenprinting gel.

I also screened some with discharge paste, since yesterday the sun was shining and I could iron it outside to avoid the noxious fumes.   The paste blurred quite a lot through the screen – maybe I need to put it on more lightly – but I still like the effects.  This is the screen of a letter:

letter image discharged

And the trees, which have a ghostly sort of effect:

discharged tree designs

I brushed the paste over a wisteria branch cut out of stencil plastic:

discharged fabric with leaf pattern

I also printed up some more Moleskine journals which are due to go on sale in my Etsy Shop soon.  I have just listed some bird cards and a Gocco print of the canalside houses on handmade Khadi paper.

birdcard1 canalkhadi1

I got a nice surprise this morning!! Someone told me that my Circles and Squares was featured on the Ecoetsy Blog – check it out!!

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