Screenprinting…. the progress

I mixed up far too much dye powder and am determined to use it all up this time, otherwise it will sit in my fridge for 6 months and then languish on a shelf in my workroom for 2 years where the last lot is.  So I have been screenprinting for 2 days and at least one more to go!  All the fabric is piled up between sheets of plastic batching so no finished photos yet, but here are some of the preparations.

The sodium alginate I had was a year or two old as well and I think it had lost its potency because I used twice as much as I expected to, to get it thick enough.  Even then, I don’t think it was thick enough for the gocco screens because they were a bit blurry, though effective nonetheless.   

Here are the screens I prepared on Tuesday for the deconstructed screen printing:

screen with rubber bands and dye

This has rubber bands stuck in the dye. 


This one has a mixture of textures stuck in it (some of them have been taken out).  Corrugated card, mesh and a polystyrene plate with a grid pattern scraped into it were a few of them. 

There was also one with bubble wrap and an acetate cutout of a footprint (progress towards the TIF challenge) in it, and one with leaves which came out too blurry to publish.  This photo is (if I remember right) the dropcloth fabric underneath the real thing produced by the latter, still wet – it is now at the bottom of the pile of batching fabrics!   I added the blue lines to cover up a bit of a mess…  It is touch and go whether this will end up okay because I’m not sure whether it is pure cotton … hence using it as a dropcloth. 

screenprinted fabric

The following picture is a print I took of the dye left on the plastic sheet after I left the ‘rubber band’  screen on it between swipes of the squeegee.  It is on brown paper.

paper print

More pictures when the fabrics are batched and washed!…

One thing I think is worth noting here is that I’m not impressed with the transparent duct tape I bought in Wilkinsons and used to cover half of the screens. It is NOT waterproof … suffice to say that as soon as I finish this bout of printing I will be taking off all the tape and retaping them with the silver stuff…. Most of the transparent stuff has come off already:(

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