Skeleton leaf

Another thing I found while looking for the wrought iron photos (it was a productive time!) was this skeleton of a leaf which I had stuck in my ‘inspirations’ book which I kept for college. I meant to do something with it.

skeleton leaf

I had a play with Paint Shop Pro (inevitably!) and this is what I made!

digital image made from above photo




fed up yet?

4 Replies to “Skeleton leaf”

  1. Hi Liz. You have done it again. I love skeleton leaves and wish I could find more or try to make some of my own. I did try once, left them in a solution for months but ended up with pure white leaves. They were lovely, but were not skeletonised(is that a word)

  2. Very cool. I especially like the last ones, where they’re more “plain” but sort of smoky and antique-looking.

    Have you tried laying the skeleton leaf on top of other things and taking photos with the leaf as an overlay?

  3. very interesting and I love the last two Liz, I am very ignorant of most computer programmes so is psp a paint programme different from photoshop which is photo editing,

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