Sketchbook finished!

I finally finished my sketchbook a couple of days ago, photographed it thoroughly and sent it off quickly before I got too attached to it and decided I wanted to keep it for myself! I have been having great fun with it this year and it is the first ever sketchbook I think I have actually filled completely.

I have uploaded pictures of all the pages and created a new blog page for them, which you can find here.

So now I will have to start another sketchbook quickly so I don’t lose the momentum! I haven’t done much more screenprinting over the last month, which is a pity because I just made up a new batch of sodium alginate (thickener) and then life just seemed to get in the way too much. I want to do a load of discharging though, which means I want some warm, dry weather so I can keep the room well ventilated for it. Not much chance of that this week!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the sketchbook to whet your appetite, so skip over to the sketchbook page for the rest!

sketchbook cover

sketchbook pages

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