Sketchbook inspirations

My Sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project is coming on apace.  I haven’t photographed many of the pages recently but here are a few photos I’ve taken as inspiration – keeping to a ‘lines and grids’ theme, with a focus on shadows and light, especially shadows of fences and bridges.

palms in Eden Project

I took this photo of palm leaves in the tropical biome at the Eden Project, which we visited when we were on our recent holiday in Cornwall.

shadows over footbridge in Newport 

Shadows over the railway footbridge.

fence shadows

I adapted this photo and just sketched the fence.  I love where the shadows criss-cross over each other.

railway line through fence

This is the railway line looking through a rusty fence. 

fence shadow

And this is the shadow of that same fence, but looking across the bridge. 

None of my sketches look at all realistic, but they are my interpretation and I’m having great fun with them.  Still quite a few pages to go though!!

wisteria leaves through bedroom curtains

I haven’t done this one yet but I think I’m going to use it as one page.  It’s a photo of shadows of wisteria through our bedroom curtains taken one morning.  I think it’s amazing how the leaves are all lined up like that.

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