I got two Moleskine notebooks for Christmas. So I really must use them now! My sketching is sporadic, to say the least. Here is one I did yesterday, just because I felt I should do something other than sit at the computer and watch tv. It is a tube of suncream. Not very seasonal (here in the UK, anyway) and not very inspiring but it’s a start. And it gives me something to blog about today, since I haven’t thought about New Year goals or resolutions like many of you seem to have. The kids are all back at school by Thursday so maybe I will have time then. And silence.

drawing of a tube of suncream

This is another sketch which I did in the summer. The new arts centre has a weekly Art Club for kids which Zachary enjoys going to, and also a cafe with views across the river where I spend the hour when he is there. It used to have some old dingy warehouses but these were demolished and now you can see these Victorian houses. They are developing the area along the river and eventually there will be a pedestrian footbridge across there.

drawing of a line of houses

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  1. Happy New Year Liz! Doesn’t matter what you sketch its the act of doing it that counts. And isn’t it lovely to start a new sketch book! Such fun!

  2. Hi Liz

    I’m finding that’s one of the great things abut blogging – you have to do something to be able to write about it! Sat on the couch today in jammies and watched TV somehow just doesn’t cut it! Your blog is most excellent. Particularly like all the cooking you do.

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