Soon there will be photos!

Golly, I can’t believe it has been a week since I have posted. That is what happens when you have a photo-heavy blog and no camera! I was just about to borrow my old one from DS2 and I got a letter from Jessops saying my camera is waiting at the shop!! Hurray, hurray! I’m going down town tomorrow to the farmers’ market so I’ll call in at Jessops as well. So hopefully there will soon be a pictorial record of my natural dyeing.

One thing I noticed about the yarn I dyed with the natural dyes is that they smell of them! I just typed that and thought “hmm, maybe it’s the woolwash liquid I used” so I put down my laptop and nipped into the kitchen to have a smell…. But no, it isn’t. The blackberry leaf-dyed yarn definitely smells vaguely of blackberries and I don’t know what madder smells like but that yarn has its own distinctive smell as well. Meanwhile the KoolAid dyed yarns definitely have a KoolAid pong about them!!!

Maybe it is the lack of a camera or maybe it is that spring is in the air, but I’ve definitely got more done this week. I put together a list of meals and went through the freezer (with gloves on) writing down everything in there. (Had black fingers at the end of it where the dye from the gloves stained them… hmmm… ). And I just did a ginormous Sainsburys order so we’re kitted out for a siege now. I have also sorted out DS1’s work experience for July (he is going to Stagecoach, the bus company), gone to a meeting about his geography field trip to Sorrento also in July (looking at the itinerary I want to go too!!! though maybe not with a group of teenagers…) and spoken to his head of year about a problem he is having at school. And let DS3 start walking home from school on his own – a big adventure and since he starts secondary school in September, useful practice in independence! And it also means I don’t have to stop what I’m doing at 3.15 pm to go and get him…

Still haven’t done any quilting. Maybe all this activity is prevarication. I have started to make a wall-tidy with pockets as a sample for HHI. Ron is going to Zambia in a couple of weeks so that needs to be finished before then.

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