Spiders’ Webs

After the foggy day last week we had a very cold, clear, frosty day. Despite having a nasty cold and losing my voice (to the kids’ relief) I ventured outside to take photos of the spiders’ webs on the climbing frame. I love the intricacy and fascination of these lacey structures.

spider's web

spider's web

I love the contrast between the webs and the rusty, delapidated climbing frame here and the peeling paint.

spider's web

spider's web

I didn’t see any sign of the spiders who made these! I hope they were safely tucked away somewhere warm in the soil…

spider's web

This one was inside the compost bin – its structure is a bit different than the others.

Happy Christmas to everyone! I’ve been watching films all afternoon – Flubber from a video followed by Peter and the Wolf on Channel 4 and then we brought the presents downstairs and put them under the tree – I don’t let them do it earlier or little fingers would sabotage them…. All I’ve got to do now (I think!) is to put custard on the trifle.

Tomorrow we will open our presents as soon as I’ve got lunch ready and then go to church. For lunch we have duck and the usual roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, parsnips etc. Cranberry sauce if I remember to put it out! In previous years it has languished in the cupboard all day… Christmas pudding with brandy-laced custard (lots of brandy!) for pudding and trifle, Christmas cake and sausage rolls and stuff like that for tea, if anyone wants any tea after that lunch. It is just us and the kids tomorrow and then we will go up to Stoke to see my parents later in the week.

Happy Christmas!!!!

10 Replies to “Spiders’ Webs”

  1. superb pics Liz. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and that 2007 is filled with lots of creative energy. all the best

  2. These can’t be real!! I have never seen such gorgeous (or huge) webs.
    thanks for sharing. Happy, healthy, creative New Year from me to you.

  3. These photos are fab, Liz! Spiders may creep me out, but the webs are beautiful, especially “frosted.”

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Hello Liz and a Happy birthday to you, I know we can relate to the Dec. BD LOL..
    Wow I love the pics, you are brave the webs look huge so I can just imagine what that SPIDER look like yikesss they scare me.. So I love the webs and the contrasing rust. Thank God no spider.. I can’t even think about it :):)

  5. Love the spiderwebs! Great pics – any hints on photography? I’ve used webs as quilting motifs several times. Maybe it is time to go back and do another!

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