Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung, and the weather is encouraging it! Well, it is warmer, though it is blowing a gale and has rained for the last four days (admittedly today wasn’t too bad till teatime). The dinnerladies and ancillary staff were on strike in the schools today – Zachary’s was closed though the other two’s secondary school struggled on and managed with packed lunches and the head teacher manning the phones!

I went out in the garden looking for some signs of spring. I found a few:

close up of primrose
There were a clump of these primroses.

forsythia in bloom
The forsythia is out in bloom! Spring must be on the way!

rosemary flowers
And the rosemary is flowering.

When I remember to take my camera out with me, I will take a photo of the tiny daffodils by the Civic Centre. There are loads of them. Wordsworth would be proud.

2 Responses to Spring Flowers

  1. Caitlin 29th March 2006 at 1:19 pm #

    Forsythia is THE sign of Spring for me! Or, rather, it was when I lived somewhere cold enough for it… I don’t believe I’ve seen any since I moved to the warm north. Those lovely yellow spears!

  2. Mary 31st March 2006 at 4:04 pm #

    I wish it were warm enough here(USA)! However, supposed to get to 60-70 this pm. I saw crocus’ yesterday!
    Forsythias are not ready yet…..