Spring is coming…

Spring is beginning to emerge here in Wales.


The supermarket online delivery  came this morning so the fruitbowl is looking well stocked, and in the fridge is enough food to warm the cockles of 3 teenage boys’ hearts.


And today is DS3’s birthday… when they start having birthdays I know spring is here.  All three of them were born this time of year.  His cake arrived too…


Outside is looking a bit dead still but today the sun is shining.


Yesterday I decided my clothes needed a new lease of life so I used some washing machine dye that I bought in the Woolies closing down sale – those trousers on the right used to be a yukky light sort of khaki colour – I like them much better in a terracotta brown.  And the teal jumper in the middle used to be quite a nice green  … till I forgot to wear an apron and it got various paint splashes on it!  And the other two jumpers are a lot nicer now too.  I shall look forward to wearing them.


Cobweb has decided it’s spring too and that it was warm enough in the sun to curl up in the garden.  Let’s see how long it lasts, eh?


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One Response to Spring is coming…

  1. Helen Cowans 4th March 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Happy Birthday to DS3! hope you are OK. not heard from you for a while on AD.