Suggestions, please!

Someone asked in response to this blog entry (the photo of Wookey Hole cave) how I would go about translating it into fabric. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I thought maybe by monoprinting using fabric or acrylic paints, or monoprint using transfer paints on to paper and then printing it on to fabric. Or couching threads…. What do you all think?

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One Response to Suggestions, please!

  1. michele merges martens March 22, 2005 at 7:17 pm #

    this is way cool, I love the triangle shape. I would have a contrast between the edges of the hole/cave entry done by stitchery and couching threads. and the rest flat, to emphasize the shape. Maybe do a white/natural piece and then paint it either fabric dyes or diluted paint so it soaks in.