What is the difference between tags and categories?

Help!! I’ve just used the WordPress tag converter to convert my categories into tags so that I can have a nice tag cloud on the sidebar and all my categories disappeared! I have just added them all again but they now have no posts in… so if you want to see posts based on a particular category, please click on the relevant one in the tag cloud. But… does anyone know if I can reverse this particular predicament or get the relevant posts back into their previous categories? Ulp… this is what comes of leaping into something one doesn’t understand;)

Can anyone explain to me in words of one syllable what the difference is between tags and categories and why anyone would want to lose all their categories and put them into tags anyway?!! Please!!

By the way, you may have noticed also that the links to other blogs are coming up in both sidebars for some reason. If anyone can shed any light on that, I would be grateful too. I don’t mind too much – it’s not a major problem like the categories fiasco – except that the main reason for having three columns was to declutter a bit;)

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  1. Brenda 14th November 2007 at 9:49 pm #

    Categories are broad classifications whereas tags are more like keywords or an index. For more, see for example, this Mindtracks post by Sharon b. As to how to fix it, you might find some assistance on Lorelle at WordPress which Sharon also links to. Bon courage!