The Festival of Quilts

Nearly a week since I got back from FOQ and haven’t had time to post!  I’ve been busy helping with crafts at my church’s holiday club for primary school age kids, and packing to camp (WHAT was I thinking!!!) at the Greenbelt Festival this weekend in Cheltenham.  I am going with just DS3 and we’re travelling by train so everything needs to be packed really scientifically.  I don’t do methodical packing at all.  At least the weather forecast is looking okay but I’m still taking my walking boots after all the rain this week…  Unless I can find a pair of nice flowery wellies in town this afternoon.  Highly unlikely.

Anyway, back to FOQ.  I had a wonderful time!  I diidn’t take many photos because I wanted to concentrate on actually looking at the work.   I went to six lectures over 3 days, mostly artists talking about their work, which was fascinating to watch and listen.  Elizabeth Barton showed us the progression of her work over the last few decades, Susan Shie talked about the background behind her quilts and what was going on in her mind and her life (and the life of the US as a whole) as she made them.  Pauline Burbidge talked us through her year juggling her studio quilts and quiltlines businesses. It was great to be able to go and view their exhibitions  and chat to some of them after listening to what they had to say about their work.

A bit highlight for me was meeting so many people who I know online either from Yahoo groups or via this blog or Facebook.  So many I missed meeting too!

I had an all too brief meeting with my Artful Dodgers friends between two lectures:

meeting with friends at FOQ 

From left to right, Sue of The Magic Armchair Traveller, Gill of An Elegant Sufficiency, Paulene Cattle, Mags of Digital Gran (who I met for the first time), Helen of Textile Goddess, Carol of Textile Tales and Maggie of Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese.  I met Helen a few more times and had a good chat over coffee on Saturday but sadly the others were only in Birmingham for the day.  Myfanwy of Winifred Cottage was also at the show but hard at work on her stand. 

I also met Rayna who blogs at Studio 78 Notes – Rayna was teaching a 3 day masterclass and I managed to catch her at the very end.

Me and Rayna at FOQ

I have been reading Rayna’s blog ever since she started blogging, I think, and it was wonderful to actually meet her at last. 

Another blogger I met was Marlis Egger of Textileartand…  Sadly we didn’t get a photo but kept on bumping into each other throughout the 3 days, as I did with Stephanie Pettengell, who I got to know on the 3 day class I attended last time I came to FOQ (was it really the last time?).

I also enjoyed meeting Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan of at the Virtual Studio and bought their last two books, Screenprinting and Thermofax Printing of Committed to Cloth and spent quite a lot of time there!  Here is Leslie screenprinting:

Leslie Morgan screenprinting at Virtual Studio

I’ll save my purchases for the next post once I’ve taken a few photos.  Not so many of them for once!

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One Response to The Festival of Quilts

  1. stephanie August 27, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Wow Liz, you seemed to be just as busy as I was at the FOQ but I only did five lectures and a one day master class. Amazing the amount of times we saw each other when I didn’t even get a glimpse of other folks that stayed over. The master class we met at was three years ago although it doesn’t seem that long ago. Looking forward to next year!