The Screenprinting Results!

I’m pleased with the results. I got a lot done from the one screen, more than I was expecting. The first piece was fairly light because the dyes had only just started to break down. I overlapped the printing deliberately to fill the fabric and get a random effect.

red, green, blue fabric with patterns on

Here is a detailed shot. Some of the parts are quite delicately patterned.

detail of above

This is the next piece of printing which has deeper colours. By the way, with these two pieces I was just printing with print paste and the colours were coming from the dried dye colours on the screen.

another screenprinted fabric in same colour scheme

Here is the next one. I have started to use some thickened dyes in the same colours (red and blue mainly) and there is more getting through the screen because the dried on dye has broken down quite a lot.

another screenprinted fabric

And a detail:

detail of above fabric

The last one – this is mainly print paste being screened on with very little image left. I think the colours blurred a bit more because I ran out of plastic to roll it in and just scrunched it into a plastic bag to cure! But that’s okay. I used red and green print paste this time.

red and green screenprint

And finally, a detail:

detail of above

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous fabrics and colours! You have really inspired me Liz. I bought that printing book at Ally Pally and have a screen but haven’t had a chance to really look at the book. For some reason it didn;t look like my thing but having seen this – can’t wait to give it a try. Was this just done using instructions from the breakdown printing book?

  2. Sorry- another question Liz – what green dyes did you use? They are really nice shades and I wondered if you mixed them yourself or bought them in those colours. Thanks!

  3. these are very interesting Liz, but I’m not sure how you screen printed them with the thickened dye. Wouldn’t that dissolve eventually and did you use a squeegy with more inks on top?

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