Transporter Bridge Superdragons

Here are the superdragons by the Transporter Bridge.  In case you haven’t come across a Transporter Bridge before, this page tells you about the one in Newport.

Newport Transporter Bridge

Newport’s has a platform to take cars and people across the river.  It has just been reopened after several years being in disrepair.

Transporter Bridge high platform

This is the top level – you can walk up those steps and across the top on some bank holidays but I’ve never stomached it!

transporter bridge superdragon

This dragon is called One Flew Under the Transporter Bridge and the artist is Anthony Davies.  Those are two of my sons in the background with their young Spanish cousin, Pablo.

silver superdragon

This one looks like it is covered with wrinkled silver foil (very effective) and it is called Reflections of Nature.  The artist is Cerian Price.

I’m going to be at the Festival of Quilts from Thursday to Saturday – hope to see you there!

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One Response to Transporter Bridge Superdragons

  1. Lynne Brotman August 30, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    I love the dragons, and it has sparked a few creative nerve endings in my brain. I work in art quilt design that’s a little on the edge. I was in Newport about a year ago and didn’t catch these. Thanks for sharing the photos.