Tutorial on making a stencil for screenprinting

I found a great tutorial on screenprinting with paper stencils – I did this at college a few years ago when I screenprinted my Dennis the Menace window blind for City & Guilds, for my son Barnabas. Here it is:

Window blind showing mischievous boy and fierce dogs all round

I used newspaper to make the stencils for this because the image was so huge but I notice she uses freezer paper, which would be more durable. She has also posted a tutorial on using a Thermofax machine for those of you lucky US readers who can get them fairly readily! I have found a couple of people who sell either custom-made or ready-prepared Thermofax screens for people who don’t have access to one…

Claire Higgott – Thermofax Screens
Marcy Tilton

Let me know if you know of anyone else who offers this service. Thanks!

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  1. Liz, Thermofax prices have gone through the roof and are about 4 times more expensive then they were a few years ago. I couldn’t afford to buy one now.
    Happily, I have one. They may be available,but – aarrgh. Now to check out your tutorial…

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