Unexpected germination

Our windowsill is getting full of plants.

plants on windowsill

The middle one is a poinsettia, and it has been there for some time, despite my best effects to kill it by forgetting to water it. The one on the left is a Japanese coriander plant which I bought at Haverfordwest farmer’s market on our recent visit to Pembrokeshire. The friendly man there told me it had to overwinter inside so I planted it out and put it on our bedroom windowsill where it can have company. Living in a Victorian house we don’t have many conventional windowsills. It’s the most unfortunate thing about this house. Nearly all the windows don’t have windowsills at all. Does anyone know where you can buy tall plantstands for holding plants? Our windows are all about a yard up from the ground and I want something which will be reasonably stable from kids pushing it over…

The one on the right was a surprise…

avocado seedling

I read on a couple of people’s blogs that they had been germinating avocado seeds, about 6 months ago, and I decided to have a go. I soaked about three in water for about 6 weeks, decided nothing was happening and chucked two of them into the compost bin. The third I recklessly shoved into a defunct plantpot on the patio, whose occupant had given up the unequal struggle for survival. This was a few months ago now. On Monday, when I was skirting round there looking for somewhere to pot on the Japanese coriander, I noticed this plant pot… complete with avocado seedling!! So I brought it inside before I forget it and the nights get colder or the slugs finish it off. The unpredictability of nature.

(Incidentally, in the first picture, the extra leaves sprouting all over the place come from the wisteria growing up the front of the house).

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  1. I have tried many times to start an avocado but never had any luck. Someone told me it depends on the time of year but I tried at different times. Maybe I have to just plant it and forget it too. They do grow into huge tall trees eventually so you may have to buy a bigger house later on. Lol.

  2. Years ago I put two avocado pears in the airing cupboard to ripen and forgot about them. They were sprouting and a tad soft when I rediscovered them. One gre to about 5′ tall before someone emptied some diluted tomato feed into the pot. It dies within days. Either that or a small cat peed into the pot.

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