Unusual artwork

I read today in the local newspaper about an artist in Newcastle who had decided to make an artwork from all her junkmail. She has a spike outside her front door on which she piles it all! Apparently she started it on January 1st and it is now more than 5 feet high! Although I think if I took all my family’s junk mail, plus the catalogues I get sent from every company I have ever ordered anything – I especially hate the one which sends me stuff every month or so when I ordered something ONCE for my mum a few years ago – it would be quite a bit higher than that. I wonder if she is going to present it to the Post Office when she has finished?!

I bought a DVD by Carrie Burns Brown last week on Watermedia collage and have so far watched it about 3 times. And have been painting lots of tissue paper and other textured paper to make some collages…. I took loads of photos this afternoon so I will put some of them on the blog as soon as I have uploaded them to my computer. I think I have come to the conclusion that painting and glueing gets me creating much faster than sewing does. At least this year. And dyeing and surface design…. I have also been reading my copy of Jane Dunnewold’s book, Improvisational Screen Printing, and I want to try her interfacing stencils so hopefully lots of photos of that will be forthcoming! Children and other activities permitting….

I haven’t been getting many comments recently so I think I will go back to my old system of emailing commentators directly rather than on the blog. But I will leave the subscription plugin so you still have the option of getting further comments on a particular post.

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One Response to Unusual artwork

  1. Dorothy October 13, 2007 at 8:50 am #

    Hi Liz,
    I love that DVD too. I must have watched it a dozen times now and still find it inspirational. I also have Jane Dunnewold’s Complex cloth on DVD,,, another goody.
    I love the idea of the pile of junk mail as art… I reckon I could beat you and her with the amount that I get. I think if I was more mobile I would take it all down to the post box and let them deal with it. It drives me MAD!!!