Textile Museums Mapped

Textile Museums Mapped


When we go on holiday, I always research the interesting places to visit, so I thought I would compile a map of textile museums because I love visiting them (even though it annoys my teenage sons…). This one is worldwide, I haven’t visited even a quarter of them but hope to do so! Please contact me if you know of any more.

They are not all dedicated textile museums: some are folk museums with a large element of interesting textile information and/or demonstrations, local to the area in which they are situated. Underneath my map is another one devoted to Ireland compiled by The Woolly Way of Ireland Blog.

Updated 11 April 2010, thanks to Tom Flaten for loads of links!!

Click on the maps to get a bigger version on Google Maps.

My Google Map of Textile Museums.

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Map of Textiles in Ireland from The Woolly Way of Ireland blog

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I have a page of online textile history websites here too. Even if you can’t visit the textile museums themselves, it’s sometimes interesting to click on the links to the websites shown on these Google Maps as these are often very informative and fascinating in themselves.

4 responses to “Textile Museums Mapped”

  1. Hi Liz
    Thank you for your mapping effort – like you, I visit museums and collections whenever possible.
    Have you seen the International Directory of Textile Museums? It was compiled in 2002 and is available as a .pdf from http://www.textilemuseum.org. Do a search on

  2. I wish I had come across your site, last year. My daughter and 2 other relatives and I visited Wales last fall and we looked for textile places of interest to visit as I am a quilter and my daughter a weaver and a graduate in Textiles. We spent 2 days at Caeleon and a day in Cardiff, before flying to Ireland. Only one we found was at Aberystwith and then stayed at a Newport on that coast.. It really didn’t have a lot , of interest to us. We wish we had taken time to go to the Quilt Museum. Which Newport are you? I am also a Challenge Junkie. Spent yesterday at a Ricki Tims lecture here in Ontario. He dyes his own fabric.

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