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Print Gocco PG10
Print Gocco PG10



UPDATE: The Print Gocco and its supplies were discontinued a few years ago but I will keep this page up for information.  If you have access to a thermofax machine it is possible to adapt some of the techniques.

My new tutorial on altering photos to make them suitable for Gocco print

Ou est Charlie? – fun YouTube video showing how to print

YouTube video showing registration using the PG11 (which is apparently the same as the PG10 Super)

Brilliant step by step tutorial on Flickr – click on each of the photos in turn for the description. It uses the Gocco Arts machine which has twice the print area of the PG5 and the others but most of it would still apply for any of the machines.

Nehoc – Australian supplier who ships supplies worldwide

Pfd file of manual for Gocco B6

Instructions for using Gocco B6 with thermofax film

List of pens you can use


Nehoc – based in Australia

Print Addict – based in Japan

Northwood Studios – based in America

European supplier of thermofax film (you need 70 mesh) by the metre: – the English translation is not complete but Guenther Panenka, the owner, has good English and will accept orders by email – Guenther has recently started stocking Gocco bulbs as well.

Paper and Card:

eco-craft sell recycled paper and card in the UK, including postcard sized card. I’ve used this for a swap and it was good – and good for the environment, too!

Online discussion groups:

Gocco-Printers on Yahoo Groups

Flickr group

If anyone knows of any other useful Gocco links, please add them in the comments or email me.

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  1. Hi Liz! I’m glad you liked my gocco tutorial. Thanks for asking–that is absolutely no problem. Feel free to post the link on your blog. I also put a more streamlined one on my knitting /craft blog.

  2. Hi Liz
    Still debating about gocco b6! Sorry for delay here. we are a bit worried about lack of bulbs and stock diminishing rapidly.
    Can you use any other type of bulbs? have been reading blogs and Flickr comments all evening and it looks quite bad for B6.
    Not sure what to do…Will make a decision today and get back to you asap about purchasing on Friday.
    regards and apologies Sue

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