Velvet jacket finally finished!

I worked hard this week and finished the velvet jacket made from a sweatshirt. Hurray! This was despite Barnabas being off school most of the week with a tummy bug and Edmund decorating the landing. Still, Barnabas came in handy to take photos of me modelling it. I’m glad I finally finished something – last week I hardly did anything textile related.

side of velvet jacket with lots of colourful buttons scattered on top

Here is the front of it with half my button collection scattered over it. I couldn’t find buttons all one colour so I decided to go for the mad, merry look. I have also considered sewing some at random over the jacket itself but having done 7 so far, that is definitely enough for now!

inside of jacket decorated in several colours

The inside was a boring off-white colour so I decided to use my Chromacoal pastels to colour it and make it potentially reversible. I like seams showing. The rough look, me. These pastels can be heat set to make them permanent. Time will tell if I ironed them enough….

strange woman in weird jacket

And …. fanfare!!… here is the finished article.

aforementioned woman in aforementioned jacket plus velvet scarf

It goes quite well with this scarf I made a few years ago out of some of the same silk velvet I used for the jacket. It feels gorgeous. I can’t stop stroking it.

9 Replies to “Velvet jacket finally finished!”

  1. The jacket looks absolutely gorgeous. Looks better on than when it was in pieces. And the scarf is lovely too. You look as if you’ve got as many books as me! Except you’ve got better bookshelves!

  2. Liz, Your finished jacket is beautiful and the colours in the scarf you made previously are sensational. Did you dye those?

  3. Thanks, everyone! The books are mostly mine – I love reading old childrens’ books and old girls’ school stories. Some belong to the kids, and Barnabas, who is a bookworm like me, is gradually working his way through my collection too, though he hasn’t started on the girls’ school stories yet!

    I didn’t dye the velvets in the scarf, Margaret – I bought them at David Morgan’s in Cardiff before it closed down, half price! (wish I’d bought more!). Some of the pieces in the jacket were dyed though – the light green ones and some on the back, sort of pinky-bluey colour. Most of the purple ones are stretch velvet, not so nice as the silk velvet orange, brown and green.

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