Virtual Studio at the Festival of Quilts

yellow, red and brown dyebath with pleated fabric in tray

I just realised I haven’t blogged about the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham yet! I was doing it all in chronological order but I haven’t said much about quilting for ages so it is definitely time… One of my favourite areas at the Festival was Virtual Studio, where you could go and watch various quilters dyeing, screen printing, discharging, all sorts of stuff. I spent a lot of time here. It was great to be able to talk to the quilters and ask them questions. Here is Leslie Morgan, one of the partners at Committed to Cloth in the middle of dyeing. Committed to Cloth organised the Virtual Studio. (The website has got some photos of last year’s Virtual Studio).  UPDATE 2015 – the website has got lots of wonderful information about art cloth, inspiration and creativity as well as the courses they run.

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