Walk along the canal 3

The lockgates are an endless source of amusement to my children. They spent a happy few minutes opening and closing them. (These ones are not operational as the canal is only navigable on special occasions such as Open Days by the local canal boat society).

huge black lock gates

On our way back, we noticed this family of swans – Mum and Dad and five cygnets. Here they are sitting on their ‘nest’ or at least a convenient refuge from the public on the other side of the canal from the towpath!

family of swans sitting on side of canal

Here are a couple of them swimming – when they saw us, they obviously came to investigate!

swan and cygnet swimming in canal

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One Response to Walk along the canal 3

  1. MargaretR July 29, 2006 at 8:55 pm #

    I’m enjoying your canal photos, Liz. Just look at the ugly duckling. i love them. I must get a telescopic lens one of these days so I can take photos of the herons, ducks and swans on the beach here.