Week at Urchfont Manor

I meant to blog about the week I had at Urchfont ages ago but the summer is slipping away and I don’t know where it’s gone!    I went with a group of textiley internet pals.

Urchfont is a manor house in Wiltshire owned by Wiltshire County Council and is very grand:

Urchfont manor

While I was there, Sara taught me to spin:

drop spindle and fibre

Here she is teaching Gill:

a lesson in spinning!

I’ve had my drop spindle for a few years now, so I was glad to use it at last! 

I also had a go on the embellisher.  I decided it wasn’t for me, but I was glad to have a play.  This was the first thing I made.  It is roughly the size of an ACEO.


And the next:

embellisher play

Paulene also brought her pasta maker so that we could have a go at printing with it.  I printed a leaf – you roll printing ink on to an acrylic sheet, lay the leaf on to it with some paper on top, and run the whole thing through the machine.  So you get three prints – the first is the one on the right.  The next time you run it through, you take the leaf off and print the impression left by the leaf – that is the middle one.  Then you put the original leaf ink side up on to the acrylic sheet, put another sheet of paper on top and print that and the ink transferred on to the leaf from the first print then transfers on to the paper.  I hope I’ve remembered it correctly!  Now I want to get a pasta maker to try it again!


This is the second attempt using a ginkgo leaf that I found in the gardens.  I think I used too much ink but I like the abstract result!

printing with pasta machine using ginkgo leaf 

More pics to come!

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  1. I really like the effect of printing with a pasta maker! Very effective. I don’t have one but I might know someone who does. I wonder if they would be happy to loan it to me to do some printing with??

  2. thanks for sharing the photos, they are beautiful, looks like an awesome place. well most ‘manors’ are pretty cool i guess.

  3. Wow! I never knew you could print with a pasta machine!! I have a die cut machine with rollers and now I will have to try it and see if I can print with it! What a beautiful place to go take classes. Your work is gorgeous!

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