What are these – the answers!

Here we go with the answers. I’ll repost the photos to remind you of what they are:

Number 1: The kids have got a turtle-shaped Little Tykes sandpit in the garden. They have grown out of it, really, but they still won’t let me get rid of it! The lid keeps blowing off and when it rains it fills with water. This is the lid with sand in the indentations in the turtle pattern, and filled with rainwater. Sorry, that was a bit difficult… Elizabet’s answer was the closest, I think! Good texture though, eh?

puzzle number 1

This is the lid rightside up!

green sandpit lid

And this is what the base of the sandpit looks like now! Yukky, isn’t it? Maybe I should dig a hole in the garden and use it as the base of a pond….

turtle shaped sandpit with water and all sorts of rubbish in it

Number 2: This is the mould growing on the top of my dyepot after it has been soaking and forgotten for a few weeks! So, Fiona, you guessed this one more or less correctly, though it was in the back garden rather than the fridge….

puzzle number 2

Number 3: This is an enamel plate on which baked sausages have been cooked and then soaked in water. I thought the colours and patterns were interesting.

puzzle number 3

Number 4: A Pyrex bowl with jelly and raspberries in it, viewed from above. Well done, Elizabet and Mags!

puzzle number 4

Number 5: The lid of my dyeing stockpot sitting in my studio with the reflection of the plastic crates in which I store my fabric. Again, top marks Elizabet and Mags!

puzzle 5

Finally, number 6. This one has been on my blog but a long time ago so let’s see if anyone finds or guesses it! Well done, Mags, you guessed it – London from the London Eye.

puzzle 6

And just to prove to Fiona that she is not the only one with interesting things growing in her fridge, here is a photo of something I threw out just before going on holiday!

baked beans of an interesting colour

I thought the range of colours in the mould was quite intriguing! DS2 was the culprit here – he had to draw the contents of a can of food spilling on to a plate, for his art homework. He chose baked beans, put said baked beans into a tupperware instead of eating them for his lunch, left them in the fridge and forgot them!

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4 Responses to What are these – the answers!

  1. Elizabet August 4, 2007 at 4:35 pm #

    1 is the bottom of a garden pot?
    2 is a boiling saucepan?
    4 underside of a pot of jelly?
    5 is the reflection in a pan lid of green plastic baskets?

  2. MargaretR August 5, 2007 at 11:49 pm #

    1. Something in the rain?
    2. Rust?
    3. No idea.
    4. A pot of strawberry Jelly?
    5. Reflections in a saucepan lid?
    6. London from the The London Eye?

  3. Fiona August 7, 2007 at 3:08 pm #

    no 3 – were you soaking some dried mushrooms?
    and number 2 looks rather like the kind of science experiment frequently to be found at the back of my fridge – but I don’t think other people have these! very intrigued…
    no idea what number 1 is but I love the colour.

  4. MargaretR August 11, 2007 at 5:42 pm #

    Maybe I should have gone up and looked at these on my PC up in the loft instead of my little laptop. very interesting liz.
    Are you catching your tail by now? Have the boys gone off on their various pursuits?