What I’ve been reading online

I started this post a while ago but yesterday the news came that Google is killing Google Reader in July.   If you read this blog via Google Reader, there are a number of articles about the alternatives … here are a couple of them:

‘Hey Google, we still love Reader’ from Mashable and

Google Reader is getting shut down; here are the best alternatives, from Lifehacker.

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And of course within a few hours of the news breaking, someone had come up with a ‘Hitler hears the news about Google Reader’ on Youtube!

Recently instead of bookmarking all my favourite sites I’ve been using Evernote to keep them synched across my laptop, tablet and phone.  Evernote is like an online pile of notebooks with a really powerful search facility … It has a great series on its blog called Tips and Stories where people describe how they use Evernote for their particular line of business, hobby or whatever so rather than go on about it here I’ll just direct you there.

So what have I been reading online recently?

… about trends in fashion, vintage, fabric…. The Stylesight blog is a colourful and interesting read.

… about the fashion industry and the horrific tragedies caused … Onsies in a rush?

MsWanda’s blog – a great blog about sustainable fashion.

 The Good Wardrobe – The Good Wardrobe describes itself as “your online style-sharing community hub mixing the best of sustainable fashion with services that prolong the life of your wardrobe. The antithesis of fast fashion, The Good Wardrobe loves long-life style.”

Trash to Couture suggests ways to make old clothes into upcycled new ones…

The story of Harris Tweed – one page of a blog called V is for Vintage

Why shopping will never be the same – an article about tecchy innovations in the shopping experience

 The curated wardrobe – an article about paring down your wardrobe to the bare essentials… Maybe I need to apply the principles to my art supplies!

instant fashion software! – a fun webpage where you can draw fashion on a figure and it will turn it instantaneously into a 3d model!


What have you been reading lately?

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4 Responses to What I’ve been reading online

  1. Judy March 16, 2013 at 11:18 pm #


    I got the same notice about Google Reader, as did many. I googled about it and found an article that suggested Feedy.com. They are great. They provide a seamless conversion from Reader and you can synch with other devices you own. I am finding it easier than Reader.

    • Liz Plummer March 17, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

      Hi Judy, yes, thanks, I have signed up with Feedly too (and a couple of others!). The main problem, according to a forum I was reading, is that a lot of these other readers, including Feedly, use Google Reader’s api or servers or whatever to get their feeds – they have said that they will switch over to their own servers by the time Google Reader has shut down but time will tell whether these will be adequate for the demand. And even when they have switched over to their own servers, they will still use something else Google provides, can’t remember what (I’m geeky but not tecchy enough for that!!) and if Google decides to shut that off too in the future, then they’ll have to provide a substitute. Apparently DIGG are talking of setting up a fully functioning alternative too.

  2. Julie March 31, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    I hope you liked the Harris Tweed article. Thanks for the mention. Your work is lovely and I love the information you have on here too.

    • Liz Plummer March 31, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

      Thanks, Julie! I’ve been fascinated by Harris Tweed since I watched the series of programmes on the BBC about its decline a few years ago, and have been so relieved that it seems to have found its way again…