Workshop with Margaret Beal

I went to a workshop today with Margaret Beal on using a soldering iron to fuse synthetic fabrics. I’ll take some photos tomorrow and post them. It was brilliant fun and I created the most wonderful shiny patches to embellish things with. We used acrylic felt and lots of different polyester organzas but you can use any synthetic fabrics. We used a square of glass to put the fabric on to seal it with the soldering iron and you can even make patchwork by sealing the edges of squares of fabric!

Watch this space… I would do it tonight but I’m exhausted. I got back home at about 5 pm and since then have put back the books from 4 bookcases in our living room now the painting is all finished.

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  1. Hi Phillippa

    Sorry, just saw your comment today. WordPress only seem to email me the current comments not the ones from the archives for some reason!

    I bought it from Margaret Beal herself. It’s a craft soldering iron with a very fine point. Does she say in the book what wattage etc. you need or show any photos? Mine is made by Antex and is 230 volts and 18 watts. Whatever that means!

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