Xpandaprint play!

Well, I was going to get on with couching threads around my collage and the blue one is sitting by my sewing machine with a bundle of matching threads as I type. But on Sunday someone at church asked me to make a tree for an Easter collage – they started doing one with the kids at their youth group but didn’t realise they weren’t meeting this week so they need to make it themselves. So collages and knitting duly abandoned, I dug out my notes for the Elements in Fabric course I did at Quilt University last year. And I dug out my Xpandaprint to add texture to the trunk and branches and painted a tree on a piece of background fabric. Here it is, waiting to be expanded:

white tree on greeny reddy background fabric

The Xpandaprint doesn’t keep for ever and it was getting a bit gungy so of course I had to finish the jar – no point in letting it hang around for a few more months and go to waste! Of course not. So I painted some rocks in case I ever start the earth piece (I completed the water, air and fire ones but ran out of steam before I got to earth). Here they are, sprinkled with fine glitter and Jacquard mica powder. It’s a bit hard to see the Xpandaprint because they are on white fabric.

small pieces of fabric with invisible xpandaprint and sprinkles of glitter and colour

To link it up to the Symbols course I thought I’d print a few with a couple of the blocks I made. Here is one of them, on orange acrylic felt (I thought I could do a bit of melting and distorting later). It prints really well on to felt.

white xpandaprint printed on orange felt

Here it is expanded. I have left the other things to dry because the instructions say to (to avoid puffing them up too much, I think) but I expanded this one straight away.

puffed up xpandaprint on orange felt.

Next step is to heat the tree and rocks to expand them, paint them and add highlights with Markals.

5 Replies to “Xpandaprint play!”

  1. what do you use to make your fabulous print blocks liz?

    are you using the plastic meat trays? they certainly look good!


  2. Hi Liz. You are an inspiration. I haven’t used my expanadaprint for years and I expect it is spoilt by now. But come to think of it I may have a brand new one unopened. i wonder if that one will be OK?

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